14046107_1093668177346978_606100373867022766_nBermuda really is another world. Arriving late in the evening meant that we couldn’t fully appreciate the scenery on our drive to the house; however the winding roads along the coast gave us an indication of its natural beauty that would be revealed in the morning. It feels like a mixture of cultures; part British, part American, part European, but stunning.

We had our first Bermudian experience the following day, when we joined some of Mia’s family for Good Friday celebrations. This consisted of Bermudian kite flying and fish cakes with hot cross buns, a bizarre but delicious combination, and a day spent with family. The weather was beautiful and Mia was satisfied with ‘a perfect Good Friday’. The following day brought the final gig of the tour, which was to be held at Spanish Point Boat Club, where there is an outdoor stage and bar right on the waterfront. Bermudian weather meant that there was an element of uncertainty regarding the rain however it stayed off and the night was a huge success.  Each gig has been completely different in their own right throughout the tour, however the atmosphere at Spanish Point was particularly special, as Mia was surrounded by those who have supported her from a young age and it was so lovely to perform for them, in such a lovely setting on Easter weekend.

We’d like to thank everyone who has attended, supported and followed any parts of our US tour. It’s you that makes what we do possible and for that we are extremely grateful.  We can’t wait to share the next stages of our journey with you all! Happy Easter 🙂

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