US stereo tour

Charlotte, NC

mowhawk2016-500x281We made it! Waking up in Manchester at 3am seems like a very long time ago but 4 sleep deprived Mohawks arrived in Charlotte in one piece and have found themselves staying by the most beautiful lake in all the land. This is movie stuff. We received the warmest of welcomes by our hosts, Greg and Annette and it wasn’t long until there was a drink in hand, and we kicked back to enjoy the exquisite sunset over the lake.

The following day brought equally beautiful weather and a BBQ on the terrace ensured everyone was set for the gig at the Heron Bay Clubhouse later on, and what a phenomenal night it was. We couldn’t have hoped for a better first night to the tour. We were met with an astonishing reception and loved every minute of the night, especially getting to meet the lovely people of the neighbourhood, one of whom presented us with a piece of driftwood that had washed up from the lake, which he had engraved Mohawk Radio into, some memorabilia we will cherish forever. Thanks for having us North Carolina, we’ll be back! Next stop, Arizona!

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