Mohawk Radio in the US stereo tour

SXSW, Austin, TX

strangebrew-500x500Before we’d even arrived at baggage claim it was clear we’d reached Austin, TX. Where else would live bands be playing in the airport? The temperature wasn’t dissimilar to that of Arizona, but the added humidity had Mia singing in the car rental, celebrating the return of her voice which had been stolen by the desert.


The buzz of the city was evident from the indication that we could barely even leave the highway to get downtown because every other road into the centre was closed off and as we came closer, hoards of people roamed the streets and music burst out from the slides of the streets, even in the middle of the afternoon. Welcome to SXSW’s 30th birthday baby!


If the streets were crowded in the day, it was nothing compared to the evening. An atmosphere not dissimilar to somewhere in Europe, with the wide streets, warm temperature and music. Minus the blatant cowboys roaming the streets. Our favourite venue, however, had to be Strange Brew, an awesome venue/label/coffee shop combo where we were to play our Austin gig. With a great sound, and amazing hosts we played an hour and a half set and loved every minute. Proud wearers of ‘Strange Brew Loungeside’ t-shirts we headed back to our apartment for some well earned rest after our first SXSW experience! Next stop Houston!

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