Writing and recording

'Shoot from the Hip'

Writing and recording ‘Shoot from the Hip’ has been one of our proudest accomplishments as a band. Set to be released on Feb 10th, 2017: ‘ Shoot from the Hip’ unveils five new songs that outrun the cliches and we hope will defy the rock- press pigeonholes. Kicking off with the sharp-elbowed, recently released ‘On Your Knees’, the moody electronica-laced anthemics of ‘Deserve’, the bass driven ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, glistening passive-aggression of ‘Even’ and the heartbeat rhythms of ‘Ready to Love’, this mini-record leaves nothing to be desired.

‘On Your Knees’ released on Nov 25th, 2016 has been very well received, with the cool and quirky video produced and edited by the fabulous Ricardo Battaglia. Watch ‘On Your knees’ on youtube:

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Working with Clint Murphy at Modern World studios was first class, we cannot wait to share these songs with all our Mohawks, it is exceptionally well produced and thanks to Ryan Sterling at Sterling sound, mastered to perfection.

So what’s next Mohawks? A kick ass party of course! We are planning a huge party at the Deaf Institute with the awesome Jess Kemp band, as support, on Friday, Feb 10, 2017.

More and More to come from us crazy kids in 2017! Love – MR

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