Dave Quinn : Drums

The Start My first introduction into playing music was actually on piano at age 6. I did guildhall grade 1, i began getting a little bored with the stuff i was being taught so decided to move onto keyboard. My influences and interests in music was constantly changing and so was my choice of instrument, so after years of lessons etc on guitar, bass and even [...]

Sean Frankland : Bass

Past Musical Experience I started working with James Gregory in the 2nd year of secondary school and we quickly began to develop our skills as guitarists. We then started college at 16 where we formed various hard metal and rock bands that were learning curves rather than serious bands. After college we formed a band with my cousin Anthony called “Reefer [...]

James Gregory (“Gregsy”) : Lead guitar

Inspiration It was 1991 and in the house I grew up in, as I entered the front room my uncle drew my attention to a music video on the TV. It was You Could Be Mine by Guns N Roses. Slash began his guitar solo – holding a Red BC Rich guitar, my uncle put his arm round my shoulder as I watched in awe. Since that moment I knew what I was going to pursue in [...]

Mia Page Chambray : Lead singer

Inspiration Growing up in a house full of music, with a practical microphone in hand it seemed destined that I would follow in the footsteps of my family. But it wasn’t really like that, it seemed that the immurement and later epic fall out of my family unit, made me want to do anything but become a musician… in the end though the music finds you; I [...]


[bandsintown_events artist="Mohawk Radio" [...]


Mohawk Radio is an award winning Manchester based band, injecting their own unique style into the modern rock scene. Powerful female vocals complimented by engaging melodies and backed by dynamic guitars with a strong, driving rhythm section.   Voted the best UK band in Parliament’s Rock the House competition, Mohawk Radio continues to get rave [...]

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